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Inspirational Quotes from Letters to Shauna and Parents


"At the beginning of this school year I was not very stable in my Christianity. It seems impossible that anything remotely good could come of the death of such a wonderful person, but I think you should know that I am changed now - I don't think I'll ever waver in my Christianity again."

"Shauna's life has shown me what joy and happiness you can have when you love the Lord so much, and her life has been an encouragement to me."

"She was always happy and could make anyone smile, no matter what mood they were in...She was so strong in her faith and just by looking at her, you knew the Lord was in her heart."

"I know my life has changed just by knowing her and seeing her smile."

"I thank God for putting her (Shauna) in my life."

"Shauna was an amazing influence on me, even though I only knew her for six months...she loved the Lord soooo much. I always looked up to her and wanted to be more like her..."

"I never got to know her, however everyone could only describe her in a positive way..."

"She was always there to encourage a stranger."

"During Careers we had to design a high school of the future and she knew that if we went there it would be perfect, happy, no cliques, and everyone would love everyone, I believe she was describing Heaven."

"...She was so mature spiritually. She had great answers and a strong, deep desire to grow closer to the Lord. It was her idea to start Prayer Journals."

"Though I didn't know here well, every time I would see her around at school or Church, she was always smiling. She seemed to give off such a glow."

"Your compassionate nature towards others is something that I always admired about you."

"I am happy to have had the opportunity to meet Shauna and to have been touched by her love for life and her love for the Lord."

"I didn't really know Shauna that well, I do know that she was an amazing and Godly person. I am sure that she made a difference in many people's life and just by knowing what she has accomplished, she has made a difference in mine."

"I personally did not know her but I have heard that she was a very kind girl...I wish I had met her, but I know I'll see her in heaven. I do believe that God is touching people through her story."

"I remember when I first came here in the 7th grade she was one of the first people to introduce herself and put herself out to me to always trust her to always to be there for me."

"Shauna was very kind to me even though I was 2 grades younger. She was a great role model and had Christ-like behavior."

"Shauna was so kind and a great Christian. Someday I wish I could be like her in every way."

"I didn't know your daughter very well but she has impacted my life and others' lives immensely."

"I heard she impacted a lot of people."

"I did not know your daughter very well. But by the reactions from the others around I'm sure that Shauna made an impact on many lives."

"...I heard that she was always helping others, being kind, truthful, etc. etc. I wish I could have known her!"

"I do not think we have met but your daughter has truly made a difference in my life."

"...Even people who barely know her have longed over her death."

"I have never met you and I don't know who your are, but I love you guys more then my friends. Knowing your story made my life change."

"...I didn't know Shauna very well, but from what I hear, she sounds like she inspired teachers, friends, and me."

"Shauna made me want to become a better Christian."

"She made a huge impact on me, and I'll never forget her."

"I would just like to tell you that Shauna had always been a great role model for me and for everyone around her. She never gave into peer pressure. Shauna always went her own route, the route to good choices."

"...I know as parents we naturally love our children, but you may find it hard to imagine that a "stranger" such as myself could love her (Shauna) like I love my own daughters, but I do. Shauna was very special to me, as she was to all of those who knew her."

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