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Shauna was a great person,
She did nothing wrong,
She had a passion for the Lord,
And will never be gone.

She didn't need to die so soon,
But God had a plan,
He took her up to heaven
She was God's biggest fan.

She was on the cheer team
She almost, always won
Good thing she had God
Or she wouldn't have had much fun.

She put smiles on our faces
She always made us laugh
She didn't do anything wrong
She walked on God's path.

We will miss her very much
But what can we do now?
Put our trust in the Lord
Because he knows how.

He came down here on earth,
To experience what is was like
He knows he was going to die
To us, we are alike.

Melanie, Kirk, Lori and more,
Are all very sad
But when they go up to heaven
They'll see Shauna and be glad.

But the only way to get to see her
Is to ask God into your heart.
So if you don't know Jesus,
You probably want to start.

She was a cousin like a sister,
And that she'll always be,
Whether in heaven or on Earth
She will Always love me.

She had a near drowning incident before,
But God didn't want to take her soon.
Who would of thought two years later,
He would of taken her afternoon.

Soon she would go to Mexico
To spread God's word
Why he took her this soon
I find answer quite unheard


Chad Westenbroek, cousin

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